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Following are the participating chairs. The list is still under construction.

Department of Biomedical Engineering
  prof.dr. D.L. (Dan) BaderSoft Tissue Biomechanics & Tissue Engineering
  prof.dr. C.V.C. (Carlijn) BoutenSoft Tissue Biomechanics & Tissue Engineering M. (Marcel) BreeuwerBiomedical Image Analysis L. (Luc) BrunsveldChemical Biology
  prof.dr. H. (Holger) GrüllBiomedical NMR B.M. (Bart) ter Haar RomenijBiomedical Imaging
  prof.dr. P.A.J. (Peter) HilbersDepartment Board
  prof.dr. S. (Simon) HoerstrupSoft Tissue Biomechanics & Tissue Engineering
  prof.dr. K. (Keita) ItoOrthopaedic Biomechanics
  prof.dr. M. (Maarten) MerkxProtein Engineering C.W.J. (Cees) OomensSoft Tissue Biomechanics & Tissue Engineering
  prof.dr. N.H.J. (Nico) PijlsCardiovascular Biomechanics
  prof.dr. J.P.W. (Josien) PluimBiomedical Image Analysis M.W.J. (Menno) PrinsMolecular Biosensing for Medical Diagnostics
  prof.dr. V. (Volkher) ScharnhorstChemical Biology G.J. (Gustav) StrijkersBiomedical NMR
  prof.dr. C.A. (Charles) TaylorCardiovascular Biomechanics F.N. (Frans) van de VosseCardiovascular Biomechanics
Department of Electrical Engineering
  prof.dr. R.M. (Ronald) AartsSignal Processing Systems
  prof.dr. A.P. (Albert) AldenkampSignal Processing Systems
  prof.dr. J.B.A.M. (Johan) ArendsSignal Processing Systems A.C.P.M. (Ton) BackxControl Systems P.G.M. (Peter) BaltusMixed-Signal Microelectronics A.A. (Twan) BastenElectronic Systems J.W.M. (Jan) BergmansSignal Processing Systems H.J. (Henk jan) BergveldControl Systems L.J. (Lucien) BreemsMixed-Signal Microelectronics H. (Hans) ButlerControl Systems E. (Eugenio) CantatoreMixed-Signal Microelectronics J.F.G. (Sjef) CobbenElectrical Energy Systems
  prof.dr. H. (Henk) CorporaalElectronic Systems G. (Guido) DolmansElectronic Systems K. (Kostas) DorisMixed-Signal Microelectronics E. (Erik) FledderusMixed-Signal Microelectronics G. (Giampiero) GeriniElectromagnetics
  prof.dr. K.G.W. (Kees) GoossensElectronic Systems G. (Gerard) de HaanElectronic Systems S.M. (Sonia) HeemstraElectro-Optical Communications
  prof.dr. I.G. (Rene) KamphuisElectrical Energy Systems A.M.J. (Ton) KoonenElectro-Optical Communications
  prof.dr. H. (Erik) KorstenSignal Processing Systems D.M.W. (Domine) LeenaertsMixed-Signal Microelectronics
  prof.dr. D. (Daan) LenstraPhotonic Integration J.P.M.G. (Jean-Paul) LinnartzSignal Processing Systems
  prof.dr. A. (Antonio) LiottaElectro-Optical Communications
  prof.dr. E. (Elena) LomonovaElectromechanics and Power Electronics I.G.M.M. (Ignas) NiemegeersElectro-Optical Communications
  prof.dr. P.H.L. (Peter) NottenBoard Policy EE
  prof.dr. S.G. (Guid) OeiSignal Processing Systems A.J.M. (Guus) PemenElectrical Energy Systems
  Pineda de Gyvezprof.dr. J. (Jose) Pineda de GyvezElectronic Systems Bert de Vries Signal Processing Systems A.H.M. (Arthur) van RoermundMixed-Signal Microelectronics J.G. (Han) SlootwegElectrical Energy Systems M.K. (Meint) SmitPhotonic Integration A.B. (Bart) SmoldersElectromagnetics E.F. (Fred) SteennisElectrical Energy Systems
  prof.dr. A.G. (Anton) TijhuisElectromagnetism P.M.J. (Paul) Van den HofControl Systems H.J. (Huib) VisserElectromagnetics J.P.M. (Jeroen) VoetenElectronic Systems
  prof.dr. M.J. (Mike) WalePhotonic Integration
  prof.dr. S. (Siep) WeilandControl Systems H. (Hessel) WijkstraSignal Processing Systems F.M.J. (Frans) WillemsSignal Processing Systems
  prof.dr. K.A. (Kevin) WilliamsPhotonic Integration P.H.N. (Peter) de WithVideo Coding & Architectures
Department of Industrial Design
  prof. A.A.J. (Ad) van BerloBusiness Process Design A.C. (Aarnout) BrombacherBusiness Process Design
  prof.dr. L. (Lin-Lin) ChenBusiness Process Design J.H. (Berry) EggenUser Centered Engineering L.M.G. (Loe) FeijsDesigned Intelligence C.C.M. (Caroline) HummelsDesigning Quality in Interaction
  prof.dr. P. (Panos) MarkopoulosUser Centered Engineering J.B.O.S. (Jean-Bernard) MartensUser Centered Engineering
  prof.dr. G.W.M. (Matthias) RauterbergDesigned Intelligence
  prof.dr. B.A.M. (Ben) Schouten BAUser Centered Engineering
  prof.dr. S.B. (Steven) VosBusiness Process Design
  Wakkaryprof.dr. R.L. (Ron) WakkaryDesigning Quality in Interaction
Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences I.J.B.F. (Ivo) AdanOperations, Planning, Accounting, and Control
  prof.dr. F. (Floortje) AlkemadeTechnology, Innovation & Society
  prof.dr. E. (Evangelia) DemeroutiHuman Performance Management J.C. (Jan) FransooOperations, Planning, Accounting, and Control
  prof.dr. I.E.J. (Ingrid) HeynderickxHuman Technology Interaction
  prof.dr. A.H.M. (Arthur) ter HofstedeInformation Systems IE&IS G.J.J.A.N. (Geert-Jan) van HoutumOperations, Planning, Accounting, and Control
  prof.dr. W.A. (Wijnand) IJsselsteijnHuman Technology Interaction
  prof.dr. J.F. (Hans) JeekelTechnology, Innovation & Society
  prof.dr. J. (Jan) de JongeHuman Performance Management U. (Uzay) KaymakInformation Systems IE&IS
  prof.dr. E.M. (Elselijn) KingmaPhilosophy & Ethics
  prof.dr. A.G. (Armin) KohlrauschHuman Technology Interaction
  prof.dr. A.G. (Ton) de KokOperations, Planning, Accounting, and Control Y.A.W. (Yvonne) de KortHuman Technology Interaction
  prof.dr. F. (Fred) LangerakInnovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing A.W.M. (Anthonie) MeijersPhilosophy & Ethics
  prof.dr. E.J. (Ed) NijssenInnovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing
  prof.dr. R. (Ruth) OldenzielTechnology, Innovation & Society
  prof.dr. A.G.L. (Sjoerd) RommeInnovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing
  prof.dr. J.P.H. (Jan-Pieter) SmitsTechnology, Innovation & Society J.M. (Jan) SmitsTechnology, Innovation & Society
  prof.dr. C.C.P. (Chris) SnijdersHuman Technology Interaction/td>
  prof.dr. A.W. (Albert) VeenstraOperations, Planning, Accounting, and Control G.P.J. (Geert) VerbongTechnology, Innovation & Society
  prof.dr. M.J. (Maarten) VerkerkPhilosophy & Ethics E.B.A. (Erik) van der VleutenTechnology, Innovation & Society
  prof.dr. A.J. (Arjan) van WeeleInnovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing M.C.D.P. (Mathieu) WeggemanInnovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing
  prof.dr. J.H.D.M. (Joyce) WesterinkHuman Technology Interaction
  prof.dr. T. (Tom) van WoenselOperations, Planning, Accounting, and Control
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science W.M.P. (Wil) van der AalstInformation Systems, in particular: Process- en Control Aspects of Information Systems
  prof.dr. J.C.M. (Jos) BaetenTheoretical Informatics
  prof.dr. M.T. (Mark) de BergAlgorithmics C.H. (Kees) van BerkelVLSI programming S.C. (Sem) BorstStochastic Decision Theory O.J. (Onno) BoxmaStochastic Decision Theory
  prof.dr. P.M.E. (Paul) de BraInformation systems, in particular: Databases
  prof.dr. M.G.J. (Mark) van den BrandSoftware Engineering
  prof.dr. A.M. (Arjeh) CohenDiscrete Mathematics
  prof.dr. S. (Sandro) EtalleEmbedded System Security
  prof.dr. L.M.J. (Luc) FlorackMathematical Image Analysis J.F. (Jan Friso) GrooteEmbedded Systems
  prof.dr. K.M. (Kees) van Hee
  prof.dr. T. (Tanja) LangeCryptology
  prof.dr. J.J. (Johan) LukkienSystem Architecture and Networking W.P.M. (Wim) NuijtenIntelligent Information Systems
  prof.dr. M. (Milan) PetkovicSecure Data Management
  prof.dr. W.H.A. (Wil) SchildersScientific Computing in the Industry H.C.A. (Henk) van TilborgDiscrete Mathematics
  ir. H.T.G. (Harold) Weffers PDEng J.J. (Jack) van WijkVisualization G. (Gerhard) WoegingerCombinatorial Optimization
Department of Mechanical Engineering I.J.B.F. (Ivo) AdanManufacturing Networks W.P.M.H. (Maurice) HeemelsHybrid and Networked Systems M. (Maarten) SteinbuchControl Systems Technology
  prof.dr. H. (Henk) NijmeijerDynamics and Control
Department of the Built Environment B. (Bauke) de VriesDesign Systems

November 22, 2017

4TU NIRICT Communityday 2017

November 23, 2017

CWI Lectures on Machine Learning
Turingroom at Congress Centre Amsterdam Science Park

December 4, 2017

Data Science Summit 2017
TU/e, Auditorium, De Blauwe Zaal
Program Data Science Summit

December 5 - 7, 2017

EFECS 2017
Brussels, Belgium

February 6 - 7, 2018

ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2018
Berlin, Germany
Brokerage 2018

March 20 - 21, 2018

De Flint, Amersfoort


November 9 - 10, 2017

ICT Proposers day 2017
Budapest, Hungary

November 6 - 7, 2017

TU-Automotive Europe 2017

October 19, 2017

New Directions in Cyber Security Conference
EIT Digital, Berlin
New Directions in Cyber Security Conference

October 19 - 20

EPoSS Annual Forum 2017
Graz, Austria
EPoSS Annual Forum 2017

October 17, 2017

5th National eScience Symposium
Amsterdam ArenA

October 12, 2017

Mechelen, Belgium

October 10, 2017

Horizon 2020 Infoday 2017
TU/e Eindhoven
Programme 10 October

October 5, 2017

Small Big Data Congress 2017
Den Bosch

October 3, 2017

TNO-ESI Symposium 2017
TNO eindhoven

September 28, 2017

Business Software Event 2017
Midden Nederland Hallen, Barneveld

September 12 - 15, 2017

Safe Comp 2017
Trento, Italy
Safe Comp 2017

September 12 - 13, 2017

ITEA PO Days 2017
Berlin, Germany

August 21 - 25, 2017

National Cyber Security Summer School
The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht

July 1, 2017

Call for abstracts - DHEPCAT
De Waag Society, Amsterdam

June 13-14, 2017

ECSEL JU Symposium 2017
St. Julian, Malta

June 8, 2017

Internet of Things Event
High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Iot event

May 10-11, 2017

Digital Innovation Forum 2017
RAI Amsterdam
DIF 2017

April 19, 2017

Commit2Data Kick-off Conference
Innovation Centre, Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam

April 18-21, 2017

CPS week 2017
David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh
cpsweek 2017

March 13-14, 2017

Symposium on Innovative Smart Grid Cybersecurity Solutions
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology , Vienna

March 7-8, 2017

IOT International Conference
Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Brussels

March 6-7, 2017

Horizon 2020 Secure Societies, European Info Day and Brokerage Event
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels

March 3, 2017

ECSEL Coordinators' Info Day 2017
Crowne Plaza Brussels Le Palace hotel, Brussels
By invitation only

March 2, 2017

ECSEL Call Forum 2017
Crowne Plaza Brussels Le Palace hotel, Brussels